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Saucy Story

Swimwear has got way too sporty and serious! Hannagh wanted to give girls something SUPER SAUCY that exudes a sultry flamenco vibe.

So that's how Just Sauced came about, started by West London lovers Hannagh and Al , in 2015.

Obsessed with vintage clothing the couple don't mind searching through racks and racks of vintage clothing but Hannagh constantly found herself on the hunt for that perfect 80's swimsuit or bikini, as nothing in the shops, high street or designer suited her body shape. She knew she had to create the perfect bikini she envisioned, that screamed Margarita on Ipanema Beach 1986! To wear Just Sauced you don’t have to have a wash-board stomach or feel the need to chat about the latest skinny supplements pool side. The inspirational duo have given confidence to many women around the world that they didn’t even know they had. There's just something about their Lula bikini that transforms girls into a movie star or someone that some girls could only dream of being.

Hannagh - "On holiday you are living in a fantasy, which, for most people usually lasts around 10 days to a couple of weeks, until that fantasy is over and you're back at that dreaded desk! So why not wear something fabulous in your fantasy and set the wild saucy side of you free!"

Every style is completely and utterly unique, oozing exquisite elegance with a cheeky edge. Mouth watering pastel shades of pink, lilac and baby blue that catch your eye on the beach. A mix of candy and neon ruffles and feminine frills that hit the body in all right places, its no surprise that ladies are sporting the sauce all over Europe, California and Australia, not to mention their huge following in West London.