STARRING ARIA @ariassclart


Stephy Pocket

"put two mates together  in a Mexican barrio, some just sauced bikinis, the heat ,the palm trees and some weed and this is the result: girlhood and friendship! "La Ninez y la amistad" There is this rawness in Aria that I admire and We both have a big mutual sense of understanding and we follow each other where it feels good, This made shooting flow in a very natural way.

Aria aka Greenteapeng

I loved the bikinis they're banging got me the Jamaican one, was fun doing it with my favorite stefy pocket she's ma best mate, one of them, thought she was called safety pocket for time! she makes me laugh and helped me feel more comfortable in front of the camera, but weird being half naked in the middle of the streET.

Hannagh -

This collection is 'Muchacha Colombia' Soft and sensual tones that make you want to parade up and down the beach carrying flowers complete with sash and tiara.
I knew Stefy Pocket was the girl to shoot this collection, She has a fantastic eye that's classic, real and raw. She really sees the beauty in things and living in Tulum, Mexico at the time was the best location for a saucy shoot. Scrolling through her instagram I came across Aria, Instantly I thought that's the girl! She has THE fucking SAUCE! She'd never done any modelling before but loved the bikinis soo much she was down to shoot!